Welcome to the new wave of educational technology: HyperCourseware -- the answer to "Now that we have an electronic classroom, what do we do with it?"

What is HyperCourseware?

HyperCourseware is a prototype system for the preparation and presentation of materials and the processes of education in an electronic teaching enivronment. It consists of a Home Screen and a set of interconnected modules organized into three groups: Course Materials, Course Products, and Course Tools.

HyperCourseware is currently written in ObjectPlusª and runs in either the Windowsª or Macintoshª environments. Although it was originally written by Kent L. Norman for use in the electronic Teaching Theaters at the University of Maryland, it can be adapted to any networked configuration of computers on a local area network.

This page describes the modules of HyperCourseware, points to references on HyperCourseware in the literature, and points to developed materials for several courses that can be downloaded to your site for demonstration purposes.

An Overview of HyperCourseware

Organization of modules, screen shots, and functions

Downloads of HyperCourseware Template Modules (Not Currently Available)

Contact me for a demonstration of the software

Course Materials in HyperCourseware

A sample of course materials that have been hosted in HyperCourseware

Articles and Technical Reports

A list of articles and technical reports on HyperCourseware and the Electronic Classroom. (Some can be viewed or downloaded from the Web.)

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