Course Materials in HyperCourseware

Lecture material in HyperCourseware is primarily stored in the lecture stacks accessed via the sylabus. The following courses have been developed. By selecting a course, you see a description of the course and the list of topics covered. You may then download the syllabus and the lecture modules.

Note 1: All HyperCourseware modules require the Object Plus runtime player. This player is freely available for either the Macintosh or Windows environment. The runtime player allows you to navigate the materials, run simluations and computations, and input text; but it will not allow you to alter or develop new materials. If you wish to do this you must purchase the Object Plus Developer Program from Object Plus.

Note 2: Lecture modules will run without the HyperCourseware Home and other supporting stacks but will not be interactive with the course network.

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