Figure 8.5 Social Chat Session

Edie, kn20: 01:11PM 2/14/95 --> Hola everyone

Edie, kn20: 01:12PM 2/14/95 --> que pasa

Edie, kn20: 01:12PM 2/14/95 --> Hakuna Matata

kara, kn5: 12:27PM 2/16/95 --> Edie, I know that Hakuna Matata is from the Lion King but what does it mean?

Al, kn29: 12:36PM 2/16/95 --> I think it has something to do with ferrets.

kara, kn5: 11:23AM 2/17/95 --> Al , what's with you and ferrets anyway?

bubba: 12:00AM 2/20/95 --> kara since edie did not answer your question : hakuna matata means no worries cant believe u dont remember from the movie. shame on u. i named my dog nahla after the girl lion in the movie. AL: whats up with this ferret fettish? Ihope it aint like richard gere and gerbils. if you ever want to give your ferrets away tell me cus my snakes are kinda hungry. thanks.

Al, kn29: 12:30PM 2/21/95 --> I don't remember saying anything about ferrets, nobody saw me do it, nobody can prove anything, see?

NICOLE, kn1: 07:25PM 2/22/95 --> Since Larry Balducci used this chat thing to plug his band--I'm doing the same thing for my boyfriend's band.. If you want to hear an original good rock/alternative/funk type music, come see IZM play at the Andalusion Dog (on U street ) on March 1, 1995--they've played at the Grog and Tankard, the Pelican Club, the Republic Gardens, the Asylum, the Paragon, and the 15 Minutes Club.

Larry Balducci, kn13: 10:20PM 2/22/95 --> Who exactly is THE LION KING ? Didn't they open up for The Cranberries ,or was it IZM ?

bubba: 01:08AM 2/23/95 --> mufasa was the lion king and then he died cus scar killed him then simba became the king.

bubba: 01:39AM 2/23/95 --> al, your in denial. you know the first step to curing a problem is admitting that you have one. maybe you can join f.a. (ferrets anonymous) i heard it really helps.

amanda: 01:43AM 2/23/95 --> I can't believe I hooked up with Michael on monday. Anyways I hope Dr. Steele finds me a cure. Do I get electricuted or what next week?

Al, kn29: 12:22PM 2/28/95 --> Hey just remember, denial isn't just a river in Egypt.

Anonymous : 08:10PM 2/28/95 --> chuck wassup

Chuck, kn26: 05:59PM 3/1/95 --> Hey anonymous, just chillin in pg2 checking out my exam score. I'm so relieved I did well on it, hope you did too. By the way Al I'm sorry about what I said about your ferret, I really LOVE ferrets, they taste like chicken.

Larry Balducci, kn13: 09:49PM 3/2/95 --> HELP! I've fallen and I can't reach my beer! Hey ,who let this ferret in the WAM lab?

Al, kn29: 12:33PM 3/7/95 --> Hey, did anyone get my joke about denial (2/28/95)? Denial, De Nile, The Nile River, get it? Anyway, Chuck, you're dead.

bubba: 12:45PM 3/9/95 --> al if u mess with chuck i will drown your ferret in the nile.

: 02:34PM 3/15/95 --> Yeh, It was a funny joke Al.....NOT!

Larry Balducci, kn13: 11:04PM 3/15/95 --> MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! The Vesch , LIVE!! for your veiwing and listenig pleasure ! Thursday night, at Asylum in Exile, just fifteen minutes from this place . 18 and older show . You really have nothing better to do anyway . Besides everyones favorite club in College Park, GROUND ZERO, is closed until friday.(it's a joke, now laugh). All ferrets admitted free with college I.D.

bubba: 11:19PM 3/15/95 --> if i hear another thing about those damn weasels or whatever they are im going to get real mad

Al, kn29: 01:19PM 3/16/95 --> Hey everyone, no more ferret jokes, bubba is going to get real mad. He may type us to death........or something.

bubba: 01:20PM 3/16/95 --> yeah

Al, kn29: 01:21PM 3/16/95 --> Or she.

lani: 01:21PM 3/16/95 --> ANOTHER MAJOR ANOUNCEMENT!!!!(BETTER THAN LARRY'S) IZM is also playing at the Asylum, but on Saturday night the 18th of March (this weekend!!!) 50 cent rolling rock til 11:00, all night drink specials! 18 or older. So come see a better show--see how music is really played.

bubba: 01:21PM 3/16/95 --> wassup chuck i think im dropping biopsych

NICOLEA, kn1: 07:52PM 3/29/95 --> IF YOU'RE A LOSER, you won't be at the PARAGON to see IZM live on MONDAY NIGHT, APRIL 10TH. YOU'RE A BIGGER LOSER if you're not 21.

bubba: 12:06AM 3/30/95 --> that's f***ed up. im not 21 yet. i feel like a loser now. u r mean. bye.

Jason, kn27: 12:44AM 3/30/95 --> Spring time is here, that makes us all LOVE

Jason, kn27: 12:46AM 3/30/95 --> Spring time is here, that makes us all LOVE

Jason, kn27: 12:48AM 3/30/95 --> Spring time is here, that makes all LOVE.

bubba: 01:15PM 3/30/95 --> ok jason we get the point

Al, kn29: 12:36PM 4/11/95 --> You'll have to excuse Jason, bubba. He's a little burnt.

: 12:37PM 4/11/95 --> bubba: 12:13AM 4/14/95 --> im a little burnt myself

balboa: 07:57PM 4/16/95 --> hi guys

: 12:26PM 4/18/95 --> Being burnt is cool.

Butthead: 12:26PM 4/18/95 --> Yeah, it rules.

Bevis: 12:27PM 4/18/95 --> Yeah, it kicks ass.

Butthead: 12:28PM 4/18/95 --> Shut up Bevis. Don't make me have to kick your ass.

Bevis: 12:29PM 4/18/95 --> No way, Butthead. You couldn't kick my ass.

Butthead: 12:29PM 4/18/95 --> Don't make me have to come over there, Bevis.

Bevis: 12:31PM 4/18/95 --> Yeah, I just like saying the word ass. Ass, ass, ass, yeah, yeah, ass, ass, hmmmhmmm. Butthead: 12:32PM 4/18/95 --> Uhhhh.....Hhhhhhuhhhhh....Uh........Hhhhhhhhhhuh.

Bevis: 12:33PM 4/18/95 --> Yeah, yeah.... hmmmm..... hmmmm. Yeah.

Butthead: 12:35PM 4/18/95 --> Uhhhh....huuhhhhh.... Shut up Bevis. Kent is going to get mad.

Bevis: 12:36PM 4/18/95 --> Hmm.... oh yeah.... like, that's what I meant.... hmmmhmmm.

Butthead: 12:38PM 4/18/95 --> You didn't mean anything, dillweed. Shut up.... Uhhhhhh.....hhhhhuh.

Bevis: 12:39PM 4/18/95 --> Oh, yeah... Hmmmm....yeah......mmmmhmmmm.

Butthead: 12:40PM 4/18/95 --> Uhhhh....hhhhh.

Bevis: 12:40PM 4/18/95 --> Mmmmhmmm.

Butthead: 12:41PM 4/18/95 --> Uhhhh.

Bevis: 12:41PM 4/18/95 --> Mmm.

buzzcut: 12:46PM 4/18/95 --> Shut the hell up you morons

Van Driessen: 12:47PM 4/18/95 --> Can't we all just get along

stewart: 12:49PM 4/18/95 --> hey beavis can i hang out with you guys. you guys are cool.

butthead: 12:51PM 4/18/95 --> go away.

beavis: 12:55PM 4/18/95 --> YeahYEAH leave stewart

ren: 01:00PM 4/18/95 --> Stiiiiimpee! who the hell r deese beavis and buttman chareecters

STIMPY: 01:02PM 4/18/95 --> Uh i dont know. HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY


Pinky: 01:08PM 4/18/95 --> BRAINY what are we NAARF doing here NAARF at U. M. I dont like this NAARF school Butthead: 01:11PM 4/18/95 --> Uh, what?

Bevis: 01:13PM 4/18/95 --> Computer suck.......They suck,THEY SUCK. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.....Mmmmmmm. Die, die, die....Mmmmmmhmmmmhmmmm.

: 01:13PM 4/18/95 --> beavis; Hey Butthead, let's get some nacho's. Nacho's rule. They rule. uh hmmm.

Bevis: 01:14PM 4/18/95 --> Taco........Hmmmmhmmm.

the BRAIN: 01:15PM 4/18/95 --> oUR PLANS ARE RUINED PINky the MORons haVe taken Over the computers again

Beavis: 01:15PM 4/18/95 --> Hey Butthead . Let's break something. hmmmm uh hmm.

Butthead: 01:15PM 4/18/95 --> Burritos rule.

stewart: 01:16PM 4/18/95 --> hey guys do u want me to go to taco bell i have some change

Butthead: 01:16PM 4/18/95 --> Yeah, let's smash these mice. Uhhhhhh......hhhhhhh.....uh........hhhhhhhh. stewart: 01:17PM 4/18/95 --> can i just hang out with you guys for a little while

Beavis: 01:17PM 4/18/95 --> Hey Mr. Anderson, Uh do you , Uh , like , Uh , are you going to die soon?

Bevis: 01:17PM 4/18/95 --> No way..... You could like just like get us some tacos. Mmmmm.....Hmmmmm. stewart: 01:19PM 4/18/95 --> really guys, i can get u some tacos! cool. later

coach: 01:22PM 4/18/95 --> WHAT WHAT THE HELL ARE U MORONS DOING!! when i was in VIETMAN we didnt have tacos. BUTTFACE AND BEAVER, KICK ME IN THE JIMMY!!

Warden: 12:22PM 4/20/95 --> Beaver and Butthole..... You boys are going to love it in the slammer..... Do you know why they call it the slammer BUTTHOLE?

NICOLE ABEYA, kn1: 01:20PM 4/25/95 --> IZM AT THE ASYLUM!!!!!!!! This Saturday night, April 29th starting at 9:00. 18 to enter, 21 to drink.

rocky: 09:20PM 5/14/95 --> bye guys have a good summer

butthead: 09:41PM 5/14/95 --> uh huh huh uh uh like when's the final huh