Figure 8.4 Brainstorming Session: What to do with zillions of 3.5 inch computer disks

Anonimis: 02:27PM 4/13/95 --> Retile the bathrooms

Fred: 02:28PM 4/13/95 --> melt the suckers down

Writer: 02:28PM 4/13/95 --> Cover them and make them coasters with a computer logo.

Anonimis: 02:28PM 4/13/95 --> Make itty-bitty frisbies from the internal disk

pianoman: 02:28PM 4/13/95 --> i never understood why they're called floppy disks...they're not floppy!

tic: 02:28PM 4/13/95 --> melt them all and make eating utensils

Shifter: 02:28PM 4/13/95 --> New ultra secure credit cards

Joan: 02:28PM 4/13/95 --> Use them as pogs.

Anonimis: 02:28PM 4/13/95 --> They used to be floppy.

Shifter: 02:29PM 4/13/95 --> They're floppy inside.

Writer: 02:29PM 4/13/95 --> Find a way to convert them to a different type of cassette to make audio cassettes obsolete.

Fred: 02:29PM 4/13/95 --> how would you use them to eat?

Joan: 02:29PM 4/13/95 --> Chew on them.

Anonimis : 02:29PM 4/13/95 --> Lets see what they did with the 8IN disks.

tic : 02:29PM 4/13/95 --> sew string around them and make them into dresses for Oscar night

Anonimis: 02:29PM 4/13/95 --> Ahh, like the Mini-Disks?

pianoman: 02:29PM 4/13/95 --> use them for sound insulation in homes or music studios

Shifter: 02:29PM 4/13/95 --> Teethers for infants

Joan: 02:30PM 4/13/95 --> Some kind of toy for kids.

Joan: 02:30PM 4/13/95 --> I like the teether one.

Fred: 02:30PM 4/13/95 --> make them connectable, like leggos

Joan: 02:30PM 4/13/95 --> Recycle them into milk containers.

Shifter: 02:31PM 4/13/95 --> Drop them from helicopters into tribal villages in Africa, South America, etc.

Joan: 02:31PM 4/13/95 --> Thick bookmarks

Writer : 02:31PM 4/13/95 --> Use the metal parts to make some kind of a collectible - what's scarce is now expensive. Think about all the old stuff you threw away that is now worth a fortune.

Fred : 02:31PM 4/13/95 --> put them under the wobbly leg of a table

Anonimis : 02:32PM 4/13/95 --> Ahh, those 8in disks are now up to 25cents. Up from 10, I think

Writer : 02:32PM 4/13/95 --> Make computer replicas out of them .

Joan: 02:32PM 4/13/95 --> Ninja Weapons for the Power Rangers.

Shifter: 02:32PM 4/13/95 --> Take the floppy part out, cut a ring in the middle and use the floppy parts as reinforcements for 3-ring binder paper.

pianoman: 02:32PM 4/13/95 --> use them to make a new sound...a rare musical instrument

Vasil Levski: 02:32PM 4/13/95 --> find some kind of a way to put movies on them, instead of on those large video casettes

tic : 02:32PM 4/13/95 --> jewelry maybe for the techno age

Writer : 02:33PM 4/13/95 --> Not just for the power rangers but for Isis and everyone else who uses "props" on kids' shows.

Joan: 02:33PM 4/13/95 --> Jewelry, (you figure that one out)

Fred : 02:33PM 4/13/95 --> stack them up in a big pile and make a game out of it like jenga or pick-up disks or dont spill the disks

Shifter: 02:33PM 4/13/95 --> "Better than an Aerobie, its FLOPOBIE! Flies further, faster!"

Joan: 02:33PM 4/13/95 --> Shred them for fake grass for the holidays.

Writer : 02:33PM 4/13/95 --> Hair ornaments - girls put everything else in their hair these days.

George : 02:34PM 4/13/95 --> Break em up, and make toothpicks

pianoman: 02:34PM 4/13/95 --> use them to make lightweight airplanes

Joan: 02:34PM 4/13/95 --> Cookie cutters

Fred : 02:34PM 4/13/95 --> christmass tree ornaments just add paint

tic : 02:34PM 4/13/95 --> hey writer thats not true!!!!

Shifter: 02:34PM 4/13/95 --> Sell them out of the trunk of your car on a street corner, saying "Thry're a real steal at 5$ apiece!"

Writer : 02:34PM 4/13/95 --> Floor coverings - use instead of tile.

Phil : 02:34PM 4/13/95 --> Ahh, use them to pop open door locks

Joan: 02:34PM 4/13/95 --> Bait for electronic fish.

Vasil Levski: 02:35PM 4/13/95 --> use them in modern architecture - create a monument to the computer age

tic : 02:35PM 4/13/95 --> thats one lawn i would not walk on with bare feet

Shifter: 02:35PM 4/13/95 --> Stack them up, glue them together, let little kids use them like letter blocks.

Phil : 02:35PM 4/13/95 --> Sure you would

Writer : 02:35PM 4/13/95 --> Remember fish finder - this can be the new modern craze - We can have our own infomercial.

Joan: 02:35PM 4/13/95 --> Drop them into a pail of water one by one until it's high enough for you to drink.

tic : 02:35PM 4/13/95 --> shoot them like a rocket to the moon with satelites on them

Writer : 02:36PM 4/13/95 --> Create a need - the audience (and their money) will follow