FAQQ (frequently asked QUIS questions):

Question: Is the QUIS appropriate for my application?

Answer: The QUIS deals with fairly general questions about usability and aspects of the interface. For this reason, it usually appropriate for most applications.

Question: Do your measures of satisfaction include software functions as well as usability?

Answer: The QUIS does not include specific functions of the application (e.g., rate the site's search engine, amount of information, or banking features). These depend too much on the particular application, of course. Most people, generate their own ratings for these functions.

Question: How many questions are in the QUIS?

Answer: There is a short form and a long form. Both forms have some background questions on the application being evaluated and on the user doing the evaluation. These should be customized for each situation.

Both forms have 6 ratings for "overall user reaction". Both forms are broken into 9 sections as follows: (1) screen, (2) terminology and system information, (3) learning, (4) system capabilities, (5) technical manuals and on-line help, (6) on-line tutorials, (7) multimedia, (8) teleconferencing, and (9) software installation. Clearly some of these sections may not be relevant and should not used.

The short form has from 3 to 6 ratings in each section for a total 41. The long form adds more specific ratings under these 41 aspects for a total of 122 ratings. Most people use the short form. The long form is only used for very diagnostic situations.

Question: How long does it take to complete the QUIS?

Answer: The short form takes about 5 minutes, assuming several sections are dropped.

Question: Does the QUIS include any statistical software and analysis programs?

Answer: At present the QUIS does not include any statistical analysis. Most of our users have imported the data into spreadsheets such as EXCEL or statistical packages such as SPSS and analyzed that data as they found to be most appropriate. However, we are working on an analysis program for data collected on our Web server.

Question: Can the QUIS be customized using only the measures of interest?

Answer: The QUIS can be customized and sections or items dropped. Most people drop sections that are not appropriate. Sometimes additional questions are added as needed.

Question: What about the reliability and validity of the QUIS?

Answer: We have published values on reliability and validity in references that you can find at the web site. In general, the reliability is quite good. The reliability measure is for the whole questionnaire and not the parts, so we cannot say what it would be for a customized form. However, generally reliability and validity is maintained with the 6 overall scales of user reactions and about 20 additional ratings on other aspects.

Question: Can you share a peak at the QUIS before we purchase it so we can be sure it will meet our needs?

Answer: Yes. Actually, versions of the QUIS have been published in Ben Shneiderman's book Designing the User Interface, and you can go to http://lap.umd.edu/quis_net to see the LONG version on-line.

Question: Is the QUIS available in any other languages?

Answer:Yes the QUIS has been translated into German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), and Spanish. These versions are available upon request.

Technical Notes:

For questions regarding the QUIS and its use, contact:

Dr. Kent Norman
email: klnorman@umd.edu